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Thu, 21 Oct


Paradise under Ralsko


Ceremony with amazon medicine kambo.

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Time and Place

21 Oct 2021, 09:00 – 12:00 GMT-4

Paradise under Ralsko, Srní Potok, 471 24 Mimoň, Česko,

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Kambô  treatment is a traditional healing method, used by many tribes of the upper Amazon rainforest for millennia. The skin secretion of the giant monkey tree frog (lat. Phyllomedusa bicolor) is introduced through skin into the lymphatic system, where it builds up its cleansing and holistic healing effects. Kambô is one of the most powerful natural ways to strengthen the human immune system and to release toxins from body. The frog connects us to our heart and our inner wisdom. It can bring awareness to causes of our emotional conflicts and can show us our destructive thinking- and behavior- patterns. When we work regularly with kambô medicine, our blockages will be systematically removed. It supports us in finding balance and connects us to the natural flow of life.



Kambô is administered by indigenous tribes mainly:

• before hunting (to increase speed and endurance)

• as medical drug (against inflammation, infections, yellow fever, Malaria, snake bites, ...)

• to remove "Panema" (a word that describes a series of negative situations and emotions. Under Panema, you experience “bad luck”. Negative thoughts and sadness spread, and life seems to be against you. It feels like being surrounded by a dark cloud.)


In the mid-eighties, the first scientific laboratory tests of the kambô secretion were carried out by the Italian pharmacologist Vittorio Erspamer (the discoverer of the neurotransmitter serotonin). He succeeded in identifying some of the peptides wich are responsible for the positive effects on human organism. Since then, several pharmaceutical companies have been trying to reveal the secret of the frog. Intensive research has already been undertaken to isolate and synthesize individual peptides. There are now over 70 patents on kambô-based ingredients. Peptides are becoming increasingly important in the medical field, due to their high specificity and biological activity. Unlike other pharmaceutical ingredients, they can penetrate deeper into the tissues and their metabolic degradation products are usually non-toxic. Characteristics of the peptides contained in kambô cover a wide range of possible applications: Treatment of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease, inflammation, depression, migraine, lyme disease, rheumatism, circulatory disorders, vascular insufficiency, organ diseases, skin diseases, problems with fertility in women and men, AIDS, hepatitis, cancer, etc. Although it seems that kambô  may be a panacea, it is necessary to point out that kambô  does not work for everyone in the same way. The result of a treatment can vary greatly from person to person. The effect may vary each time and also depends on the treatment interval and integration. Points of application -"gates" - will remain visible Although many people report extremely positive changes after the first treatment, it is generally seen that deeper and deeper levels are being treated as kambô  is repeatedly administered over a period of time. Kambô  is often referred as "frog poison", but no toxic substance has been be detected in the secretion of the giant monkey tree frog so far. Kambô  contains no psychedelic components and does not cause hallucinations.



When we work with kambô , it's not like we're in an exclusively passive attitude, as we may be used to as a patient treated with conventional medicine. Rather, we can positively influence the process and a successful integration. A deep introspection into the need behind the desire to experience kambô brings us into contact with deeper levels in ourselves and prepares us for the ceremony in a supportive way. We can increase the synergetic effects when we meet kambô with an open attitude, when we allow ourselves to let go and to be carried through the process with trust.


• Do not to eat solid food (or soups and smoothies) for 10 hours beforehand. Drink only water or light herbal teas without sweeteners.

• On the days (2-3) before treatment, eat only light and fresh food. Avoid Industrially processed products, sugar and fat.

• Do not drink excessive amounts of liquid prior to the kambô treatment.

• Do not consume alcohol or other substances for at least 24-48 hours before or after the kambô treatment.



We will start with an introductory talk. Then we focus on your intention for this kambô  treatment. Two liters of water needs to be drunk then. In the most cases between 3 and five small (about 3-4 mm in diameter) gates will be burned with a glowing piece of vine on the skin of the upper arm. Most people describe this process as not, or little painful, because only the uppermost skin layer is affected. Then the kambô secretion, shaped into small globules, is applied to these gates and enters the lymphatic system from where it can unfold its effect. For initial treatments, only a single gate is wetted with Kambô at the begin, and the reaction will be

awaited. Afterward the secretion is applied to the remaining gates to get the full effect. The following cleaning process begins immediately and is usually accompanied by a heat wave that flows through the upper body into the head. After that, nausea sets in and the body's toxins will be purged out with the previously drunk water. Purification can take place on the physical - as well as on the emotional and the energetic level. In

addition to purging, tremors and heavy sweating is shown very often, sometimes the body wants to empty through the intestine. It may be that intense emotions such as grief, aggression or joyful feelings come up. Kambô acts very quickly and intensely. The unpleasant phase is usually over after 20-40 minutes. When the purging is complete, you will recover immediately. The kambô secretion is then washed off the skin with a wet paper towel and the affected areas are treated with "Sangre de Drago", the sap of the dragon's blood tree. It covers the gates with a latex-like film and supports wound healing. The healing time of gates depends on skin type and -color. Many people feel the need to rest then. After this approximately half-hour rest you feel revitalized and relaxed. Sometimes the positive effect of kambô is immediately felt, usually the full effect unfolds in the next days. It is advisable not to have any schedules after the session as in some cases one may like to have time for for a while.



There are some people who are not able to take kambô.

The main contraindications are if someone:

• have serious heart problems

• have Addison’s Disease, an aneurism or blood clots

• have had a stroke, a brain hemorrhage or an organ transplantation

• is on medication for low blood pressure

• have or have had serious mental health problems (excluding depression, PTSD and anxiety)

• is undergoing chemo- or radiotherapy, until 6 weeks afterwards

• is pregnant or maybe so, or are breast-feeding a child under 6 months

• have current and severe epilepsy

• is recovering from a major surgical procedure until wounds are healed completely

• had colonic, enema, liver flush, or any water-based detox within 3 days before

• is under the age of 18




The Ceremony will be held by Michael Riegler. He is a IAKP certified Kambô practitioner and lives near Vienna/Austria. Originally trained in a technical profession, his interests shifted soon more and more into other fields. After various trainings (e.g. systemic individual-, couple- and family therapy training at IFW Germany, Grof Transpersonal Training in EU/USA or Psychosynthesis in Switzerland) his greatest passion became working with Kambô and as Holotropic Breathwork ™ Facilitator since 2016.



If you have any questions about Kambô (engl./ger.), contact michael@kambô.wien or WhatsApp +43 699 1172 8500


Costs: 90,- EURO



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