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Holotropic Breathwork TM

Holotropic Breathwork TM is a method that offers the possibility of an intense self-experience process. It is a modern psychospiritual technique with significant therapeutic potential. It consists of a simple breathing practice which, using an evocative music, induces the experience of extended states of consciousness. Emphasis is placed on a safe and supportive environment that allows you to work with the process as much as possible.


Expanded states of consciousness bring participants a wide range of experiences. The experiences may be deeply spiritual, purely physical, may come from the realm of biographical life, the prenatal period of life, and can also include experience of birth. Influence of birth on forming of human psyche describes prof. Stanislav Grof, one on the method creators, here. The process can bring buried memories and suppressed emotions, as well as insight into the life experiences and psychic patterns and structures created with them. They may also include experiences beyond the individual's personal consciousness, from the so-called transpersonal level of consciousness.


The trained team of facilitators certified by Grof Transpersonal Training, accompanies the participants. Their work is based on training with almost forty years of tradition and their own many years of intensive work with extended states of consciousness.


For seminars of our team visit section Events, feedback from our seminars' participants can be found here.


The community of CZ Holotropic Breathwork TM Facilitators is represented on .

More detailed info on Holotropic Breathwork TM can be found here, on the web of Holotropic Breathwork Association of Europe.

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The European Association web offers information on workshops held all over Europe and represents European community of practitioners and organizers to workshops.


Places, where you can absolve Holotropic Breathwork TM workshops in CZ:

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