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Holotropic Breatwork Team


Jiřina (Inka) Macháčková (RNDr., Ph.D.) has a scientific education   in the field of environmental protection and a number of trainings in the field of personal development and work with trauma. The trainings included self-cognition, self-experiential and therapeutic work with advanced states of consciousness. She is a certified lecturer and facilitator of holotropic breathing, she has completed training in systemic therapy and regression therapy. For the third decade she has been working as a project manager in the field of remediation geology, leading work teams and participating in the development and application of biotechnologies for removing contamination of the rock environment.

Part of her environmental education was the study of natural philosophy and human spirituality, which went beyond working with extended states of consciousness. At first, the experience came within the personal psychospiritual journey, and later she underwent training to pass this experience on to others. She enjoys exploring the facts hidden, whether beneath the surface of the earth or behind the curtain of ordinary consciousness. She likes to give others the opportunity to learn more about herself and find understanding and healing within herself.

He considers holotropic breathing to be one of the most sophisticated non-substance methods of working with expanded states of consciousness, enabling people to experience these states in a safe, supportive, and free environment free of any religious doctrine.


Her long-standing hobbies include cross-country skiing, biking and oriental dancing. In addition, he has been volunteering for many years as the head of the girls' club in Junák - Czech Scout. More detailed information here.


Vladislav Kubíček (Ing., Mgr., Ph.D., master of kung fu in the Czech Republic) has both technical (information technology) and humanities (art history) education. He worked as an analyst, manager, consultant and sales director. He now focuses on organizing seminars focused on personal development, holotropic breathing, moderation, web design and process optimization.

He has been dealing with the psychology of perception since his studies. He applied her knowledge in his work in creating a method of searching in video and audio data, in leading a team of people and in the work of a facilitator. He is also interested in other areas of psychology and therapeutic work, especially working with the unconscious.

In his jobs, he focused on identifying the needs of co-workers and customers. It makes him happy, getting closer to other people's personal language and their perception of the world. That is why he began to focus on personal development techniques, such as family constellations, shamanism, experiential pedagogy, holotropic breathing.

In holotropic breathing, he appreciates the space that this technique gives to each participant. Here he can apply his experience with the fact that each person has their own worldview and body physiology experience gained during their kung fu and chi-kung training. This year he is preparing for the final certification as a facilitator of Holotropic Breathwork TM.

His hobbies include: photography, music, painting, traveling, people, sports. He sees the world as an interesting place where we can get to know ourselves through our relationships.


Lenka Ečerová is a librarian with many years of experience at the Institute of Geophysics and the CTU Library. In addition, she completed extensive training in biodynamic bodypsychotherapy, hypnotherapy and reiki work, and completed a substantial part of training in Holotropic Breathwork TM facilitation (8 training modules and extensive internship).

It offers clients individual work using biodynamically oriented techniques - active imagination, art therapy, biodynamic massage, dream work, focusing and body work. She considers holotropic breathing to be an ideal tool to look at the topics from individual work from a broader perspective, to realize and release the rigid psychophysical emotional energy of abreactions. 

Her hobbies include hiking, reading and traveling. More detailed information here.

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Another occasional member of our team is a lecturer and coach   Šárka Hanzlíková, who is currently completing training in Holotropic Breatwork facilitation.

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