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Offer of opportunities for individual personal growth and self-exploration


I offer guidance in discovering, experiencing and integrating self-experiential experiences on the path of personal development. I offer support in working with the human soul. I work in the context of transpersonal and deepth psychology, systemic therapy, psychosomatically oriented work with the body, tantric perception of the world, shamanism and work with the sacred masculine and feminine principle.


I offer the possibility of non-traditional insight to those who wish to understand their destiny more deeply, to untangle the knots of their relationships, and to work with waves of whispers in their souls. I offer support and guidance for those who are looking for a way to live happier, more fully, more consciously and more deeply. I don't promise it will be easy and quick - but sometime it is.


I use these tools at work and charge the following prices:


Consultation - 600 CZK / hour first hour, 500 CZK / hour every other started within the session (I charge each 30 min.), in case of interest in for more regular format of cooperation the intention, meaning and goal of the work is set

Journey of breath and music - a gentle shamanic journey accompanied by music, inducing a slightly expanded state of consciousness, possible individual and group work, the price of an individual session CZK 3,000 - includes an introductory interview, guided tour (2-3 hours process) and support in integrating the experience in the form of one consultation within a week of the journey


Analysis of archetypes - analysis of personality profile from of representation of male and female archetypes - sources of mental and life forces, recommendations and guidance in work on energy balance of individual archetypes, processed on the basis of test, possibly as analysis for couple - evaluation of archetypal complementarity and inspiration for energy balance, price: 1500 CZK, couple analysis 2500 CZK


Tarot reading - insight into the life situation or what is hidden below the surface according to the symbolism of the tarot, price: 800 CZK (1 - 1.5 hours as needed), in case of interest can be used as part of the consultation


Regression therapy - work in a relaxed level of consciousness, which allows you to look beyond the level of ordinary consciousness in a gentle, individually guided way of self-experience price: 500 CZK / hour, duration 2-3 hours according to the complexity of the topic. In addition to the basic regression therapy, I currently offer Spiritual regression between lives in the internship mode for half price (training in the school


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